Motore Italia Digitale: €4 billion to accelerate the digitalisation of SMEs

Motore Italia Digitale: €4 billion to accelerate the digitalisation of SMEs. Motore Italia Digitale: financial and non-financial solutions in line with the NRRP to facilitate the digitalisation process of SMEs

Motore Italia Digitale is the new Intesa Sanpaolo initiative that provides Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with €4 billion in funding for the digital transition, in line with the guidelines of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).  

Among the tools offered by the Motore Italia Digitale programme there is also the new Digital Loan (D-Loan), a dedicated financial solution that grants a discount on the interest rate to companies that achieve certain important digital transformation objectives.

The Motore Italia Digitale programme supports the digital transition of SMEs mainly through two lines of action, relating to:

Motore Italia Digitale is part of the strategic programme Motore Italia launched in March, which made €50 billion of new credit available to Italian SMEs to support their investments in a sustainable and digital transition.

The resources earmarked for digitalisation and innovation in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan make up about 30% of the entire NRRP, and the Motore Italia Digitale programme acts as an accelerator to encourage investment by SMEs within a framework of change and infrastructural transformation of the Country.

Stefano Barrese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo's Banca dei Territori Division

“Taking concrete advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation as a driver of growth for our Country will be fundamental: with Motore Italia Digitale and the partners supporting us in this initiative, we are inviting SMEs to prepare well for the momentous transition we are facing. Today, with the D-Loan, we are introducing a new tool designed to provide €4 billion to finance projects for the digital development of businesses and to significantly increase their level of competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. The aim is to improve the access of SMEs to a wider range of tools, financial and otherwise, alongside traditional credit and in line with the Country's transition objectives according to the NRRP.”

26 October 2021

Emanuele Orsini, Confindustria Vice President for Credit, Finance and Taxation

 “Our Country is at the beginning of a recovery that is essential to accelerate, taking full advantage of the opportunities of the NRRP and deploying every possible initiative to enable businesses to overcome the challenges related to the phase of extraordinary transformation of the economy that we are experiencing, starting with the digital transition. Encouraging, supporting and speeding up the completion of the transformation processes of SMEs from an industry 4.0 perspective is strategic to sustaining the Country's modernisation and competitiveness. The initiative presented by Intesa Sanpaolo is perfectly in line with the 'Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability' agreement recently signed between Confindustria and the Bank. It is, in fact, an important tool for using credit lines and dedicated financial instruments to multiply the resources of the Plan for the benefit of businesses and to allow them to bridge the digital divide compared to other Countries, including through non-financial solutions. It also makes it possible to seize the opportunities offered by technological progress and the digitalisation of production processes, thus achieving long-term growth objectives. Confindustria has long been committed to promoting initiatives that encourage the spread of a 'digital culture', also thanks to the action of Digital Innovation Hubs.

In this context, it is essential that investments in new technologies and industry 4.0 training are supported, also by strengthening the Transition 4.0 plan, which is the cornerstone of the strategy for the digital transformation of companies.”

26 October 2021