New "Competitiveness, Innovation & Sustainability" Agreement with Confindustria

Intesa Sanpaolo and Confindustria combine for growth of the Italian production system: €150 billion for "Competitiveness, Innovation & Sustainability"

Intesa Sanpaolo and Confindustria have signed the new "Competitiveness, Innovation, Sustainability" Agreement dedicated to business growth: a €150 billion strategic plan to promote the development and relaunch of the Italian real economy.

The new three-year agreement, signed by Carlo Bonomi - President of Confindustria - and Carlo Messina -CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo - includes several initiatives consistent with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR):

  • Digitalisation and innovation
    Tools and programmes to improve production processes, using new technologies and methodologies, and support for new investments to reap the benefits offered by the Transition 4.0 plan of the Budget Law 2021

  • Sustainability
    Support for transition processes towards a digital and green economy to make companies sustainable and resilient, with growth strategies based on sustainability and the evolution towards the circular economy model. Activation of a credit facility for new S-Loans alongside a credit facility for investments in the circular economy

  • Strengthening of the financial and capital structure
    New tools to contribute to the progressive reconstitution of cash flow and to promote the capitalisation and the strengthening of the company's financial structure, thanks to the dissemination of a corporate culture more attentive to the diversification of financial sources and to the correct balance between debt and risk capital, through the enhancement of public hedges

  • Enhancement of the role of supply chains
    The "Sviluppo Filiere" programme will be extended to new production sectors to increase employment and investment: the supply chain relationship becomes a multiplier and facilitator for access to credit for smaller companies, thanks to the champions of Made in Italy and their creditworthiness, from which all suppliers can benefit. Since the launch of the programme in 2015, Intesa Sanpaolo has supported over 780 supply chains, involving around 20,000 suppliers with a total turnover of €90 billion

The "Competitiveness, Innovation, Sustainability" Agreement consolidates and renews the collaboration of more than ten years between Intesa Sanpaolo and Confindustria, whose joint initiatives have allowed them to provide credit of over €200 billion in support of tens of thousands of companies and SMEs.

The new "Competitiveness, Innovation, Sustainability" path will be presented locally with meetings and local initiatives.


“Our country is experiencing a robust recovery above the European average. The real challenge now – which is also the basis of this agreement – is to ensure that this recovery consolidates over time and is widespread, giving rise to a structurally more robust economy, capable of sustaining levels of GDP growth that are permanently higher than those to which we are accustomed.

"We are a country with solid fundamentals and strong businesses, which have withstood the pandemic crisis and we are now making €150 billion available for their growth plans, extending joint programme with Confindustria. Towards this goal we will further support the enhancement of supply chains that, after being one of the main factors of resilience during the crisis, today can and must be a decisive driver as the country's economy opens up again.

"The programme, made available for the recovery phase and for the indispensable ecological and technological transition in which every sector of industry is involved, is part of our overall commitment to activate, over the NRRP period, medium-long term disbursements of over €410 billion from now until 2026, of which €270 billion for businesses, in order to accelerate, through the mobilisation of private investment, digitalisation, infrastructure and environmental projects, the strengthening of the health system, research and social cohesion which are also at the centre of our collaboration with Confindustria and the Group's strategies”.

18 October, 2021


“The €150 billion made available to businesses will make it possible to activate private investment, generating a multiplier effect on the resources made available for public investment by the NRRP and creating new prospects for sustainable growth for the Italian economy and the country as a whole.

“We need to support the country in emerging from the pandemic crisis as emergency measures are gradually discontinued, sustaining the recovery and taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by the NRRP. Along with the reform agenda to be pursued without delay, action is needed on growth drivers. The Agreement that Confindustria and Intesa signed today is part of this framework.

“Our economy is going through momentous transformations. The environmental, energy and digital transition will affect entire production chains and will also have a strong impact on communities. We need a strong focus and sense of responsibility on the part of institutions so that they act gradually and proportionally and support the processes of modernisation of the industrial system”.

18 October, 2021