New impact projects: another step towards inclusion and access to credit

New impact projects: another step towards inclusion and access to credit. Three categories of recipients: young people engaged in civil service, families with school-age children and beneficiaries of Law 104

Intesa Sanpaolo strengthens its commitment to citizens who would find it difficult to access credit according to conventional criteria with three new initiatives implemented through the Fund for Impact.

As with the loans in the Impact range as a whole, no guarantee is required for these new initiatives, rates are low and repayment times are particularly long so that the instalments are “light”.

The new initiatives are carried out thanks to the Fund for Impact, Intesa Sanpaolo’s instrument born from the experience of Banca Prossima, and which today allows major campaigns of credit inclusion towards individuals and families generating a concrete and measurable social impact.

The Fund consists of €300 million allowing for the provision of leveraged credit of up to €1.5 billion.

Discover the three new Fund for Impact initiatives

‘per Esempio’

the tool intended for young volunteers of the SCU (Civil Service) who have put themselves on the line by committing themselves as volunteers in the economy of the Common Good and who, within 12 months of the end of the SCU, will have started a working relationship, even a temporary one, especially as cooperative members.

The loan provides a credit facility from €2,000 up to €5,000 (€8,000 for those who become employees or members of a social cooperative) to manage the first needs of those who work (mobility, equipment, furniture, rent, moving, etc.) or to subscribe to the capital share and become a member. A true recognition of the civic commitment of the young Italian men and women who set a good example. 

‘per Crescere’

for parents with school-age children, it aims to supplement the income of families with children attending primary and secondary school, with a credit facility of €2,000 or €3,000 per year for a period ranging from 1 to a maximum of 5 years, thus making a period that is decisive for growth and education more sustainable. The loan is intended to assist families’ essential needs: training services (books, mobility, language courses, PCs and internet connection); special educational needs (psychomotricity, speech therapy, etc.); other activities functional to personal growth (sports, summer camps, training experiences abroad).

‘per avere Cura’

offers support to workers who care for a family member with a severe disability, particularly in the acute phase of need, helping to make care costs more sustainable (nursing services, socio-assistance, adaptation of home spaces, purchase of health tools). The funding – up to €12,000 over two years – decisively supplements the value of the pension and the accompanying allowance, preventing the life and professional choices of caregivers from being conditioned by economic difficulties.