Intesa Sanpaolo climbs in The Banker’s “Top 1000 World Banks” ranking

Intesa Sanpaolo climbs in The Banker’s “Top 1000 World Banks” ranking. The Banker’s “Top 1000 World Banks” annual ranking highlights Intesa Sanpaolo’s jump following the UBI Banca deal

The Banker’s “Top 1000 World Banks” review, published every year by the Financial Times Group specialist publication, highlights Intesa Sanpaolo’s rise in the international ranking following its acquisition of UBI Banca.

In 2021, Intesa Sanpaolo entered the Top 10 most solid banks in Western Europe, ranking 8th at the regional level and 29th globally. A marked increase, compared to the positions in 2020, in which it was respectively in 15th and 39th place.

In Italy, Intesa Sanpaolo was the bank that recorded the fastest growth.

The ranking is based on the Tier1 capital which, according to The Banker's analysis, for Intesa Sanpaolo came to approximately $72.3bn at the end of 2020.

The Banker considers the successful purchase of UBI Banca as the main deal in the sector last year and believes it should provide further impetus to Intesa Sanpaolo's positioning in the coming years.

Intesa Sanpaolo, in December 2020, was the first Italian bank awarded as ‘Bank of the Year in Western Europe’ by The Banker.