Fight against usury: agreement with Finetica for microcredit

The image accompanying the news on Finetica portrays a young woman leaning on the table in her kitchen intent on reading papers, in front of a calculator and a PC. A coffee pot and a cup are also placed on the table. Behind the woman a man, standing, holds a cup in his hands.

Intesa Sanpaolo and Associazione Finetica Onlus have signed an agreement to promote the financial inclusion of individuals in conditions of socio-economic fragility, harnessing the Fund for the prevention of the anti-usury administered by Finetica and financed by Italy's Ministry of Economy and Finance: individuals, families and businesses with difficulties in accessing credit, especially those most affected by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, will thus be able to access loans from the legal financial system and invest in their future, health and work.

The new 2022-2025 Business Plan includes a strong commitment by the Bank in the ESG area and places Intesa Sanpaolo at the top of the world rankings by social impact: specific attention is reserved for financial inclusion, to be supported with €25 billion cumulative social lending in 2022-2025.

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