Support for Agricola Puccia to build a biomass plant

The image accompanying the News on Agricola Puccia portrays a veterinarian and an operator inside a large modern stable, where there are numerous cattle. The man strokes the head of a cow with one hand

Intesa Sanpaolo supports the Sicilian company Agricola Puccia Srl with a S-Loan Climate Change financing of €1.2 million dedicated to the construction of a biomass power plant.

Thanks to the new biomass plant built by Agricola Puccia with the loan from Intesa Sanpaolo, the farm will be able to generate a positive impact on the environment in which it operates through:

  • the adoption and maintenance of agriculture 4.0 solutions for energy and water consumption savings
  • the achievement of a quota of self-generated electricity through renewable energy plants

since the plant will be fuelled by the biogas generated by the waste from the farm's agricultural and livestock-raising activities.

Climate Change S-Loans


S-Loan Climate Change financing is dedicated to companies that intend to invest in the adoption of more sustainable business models, in particular reducing their environmental impact, and grants a bonus in terms of the cost of financing when certain pre-established objectives are met. 

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