New agreement with Enel for the supply chain sustainable growth

The image accompanying the News on the new agreement in favor of the sustainable growth of Enel's supplier companies portrays a young woman in a modern office, shaking hands with a man in a jacket.

Intesa Sanpaolo and Enel have signed a new agreement to foster sustainable growth in Enel’s suppliers, which envisages:

  • easier access to credit
  • stronger support to investments in sustainability
  • extension of participation to include all the Italian suppliers of the Enel Group.

The measures envisaged by the new agreement, which extends the opportunities dedicated to Enel supply chain companies with respect to the previous agreement, include:

  • new, more extensive benefits in terms of granting credit for investments and initiatives intended to increase sustainability and circularity: these include, consistently with Mission 2 of the NRRP - “Green revolution and ecological transition” - reducing waste, water consumption, disposable plastic packaging and hazardous chemical substances, as well as recovering raw materials, achieving carbon neutrality, implementing electric mobility (electrification of the fleet and electric forklift trucks) and developing renewable source energy production plants
  • measures relating to the financing of companies adhering to the spirit of Mission 5 of the NRRP - “Inclusion and Cohesion” - with specific reference to the elimination of stereotypes linked to sexual inequality: Intesa Sanpaolo will facilitate access to liquidity for investments aiming to promote gender equality and strengthen the role of women in the social-economic context, with tools such as the “S-Loan Diversity”.