Fondo SEI to support the development of the Italian innovation ecosystems

The image accompanying the News on the birth of the Fondo SEI, which aims to support the growth of the Italian innovation ecosystem, portrays two young researchers focused on analyzing graphs and projects on overhead projectors together

Through Neva SGR, a venture capital company of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center has established "Fondo Sviluppo Ecosistemi di Innovazione" (Fondo SEI) to support the development of the Italian innovation ecosystems.

Fondo SEI was created for targeted investments in vehicles for the implementation of research, selection, acceleration and professionalisation programmes for promising Italian start-ups.

Fondo SEI, which became operational immediately, has announced its first investment of €2.5 million in Tech4Planet.

Tech4Planet is the National Technology Transfer Centre for Sustainability, set up at the initiative of CDP Venture Capital together with the Milan Polytechnic and with the involvement of the Bari and Turin Polytechnics. It aims to grow and bring to market projects created within the laboratories of universities and research centres.

The new Fondo Sviluppo Ecosistemi di Innovazione is a closed-end, reserved Italian alternative investment fund with initial assets of €15 million, fully subscribed by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, and a maximum future amount of up to €50 million, reserved for qualified investors. 

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