Fourth MED & Italian Energy Report: alternative fuels and the Mediterranean

The image accompanying the News on the 4th MED & Italian Energy Report with a focus on alternative fuels portrays the aerial view of a biogas plant for the production of electricity from organic waste and agricultural residues

SRM, a research centre linked to Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group, presented to the European Parliament its fourth MED & Italian Energy Report, entitled “Alternative fuels: a strategic option for the Euro-Mediterranean area?”, which this year focuses in particular on alternative fuels, including both biofuels and synthetics.

Alternative fuels could play an important role in supporting the green transition process, particularly in maritime transport, by reducing Europe’s energy dependency and enhancing Euro-Mediterranean integration.

The study was carried out in cooperation with ESL@Energy Center Politecnico di Torino and Fondazione Matching Energies, and is the result of a larger project.

The Observatory and the Turin university are collaborating on the research project ENEMED, which brings together the engineering expertise of the ESL@Energy Center of Politecnico di Torino and SRM’s expertise in economic relations in the Mediterranean and the monitoring of energy infrastructures and renewable energy sources.

“Alternative fuels: a strategic option for the Euro-Mediterranean area?” - Highlights