With SACE, €5 mln to support the growth of Salerno Container Terminal

The image accompanying the News on the support to the Salerno Container Terminal investment plan with a loan of €5 million, covered by a SACE financial guarantee, portrays an aerial view of the port of Salerno, with the docks, containers and ships in transit

Intesa Sanpaolo is supporting Salerno Container Terminal's investment plan with a €5 million loan, covered by a SACE financial guarantee, aimed at:

  • supplementing the company resources allocated for the acquisition of the container business of Amoruso Giuseppe S.p.A.
  • setting up a new border freight control post

allowing the company, which carries out cargo unloading and loading terminal activities, to consolidate its role as an operator at the Port of Salerno.

The Salerno port area is one of Italy's major maritime gateways to international markets.

The transaction confirms Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment to revitalising the maritime economy and enhancing Special Economic Zones, to which it has dedicated a recently presented €5-billion plan.