Intesa Sanpaolo's Third Elite Lounge 2022 for 28 SMEs underway

The image accompanying the News on Intesa Sanpaolo's third Elite Lounge 2022 which will accompany 28 SMEs in the financial acceleration programme, portrays three colleagues, one woman and two men, working together in front of a PC. The man in the center, with a beard and glasses, is also speaking words.

Intesa Sanpaolo is launching its third Elite Lounge 2022, which will support 28 SMEs through the financial acceleration programme conducted in partnership with ELITE, the Euronext ecosystem that helps small and medium enterprises grow and access private and public capital markets.

The companies involved will be able to participate in a training programme with a focus on business development and growth through internationalisation, strategic innovation, company culture, good governance and finding the right financial resources. They will also have access to integrated services and a network of international professionals and investors to make it easy for them to access the capital market.

The 28 SMEs selected by Intesa Sanpaolo for the third Elite Lounge 2022 come from 11 different Italian regions – more than a third from the South – and belong to industrial sectors of excellence in the Italian economy such as mechanics, technology, agribusiness and construction.

In the four years since the first lounge, Intesa Sanpaolo has supported more than 300 companies in this process, including 60 start-ups.

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