Archivio Storico is the Group's collective cultural asset and historical memory

The black and white photograph portrays a young woman employed in the punch card archive at the Cariplo headquarters in Milan in via Verdi

The Archivio Storico – part of Intesa Sanpaolo's Progetto Cultura – collects thousands of documents, photographs, items and videos that can be consulted by the public and promoted in projects that spread awareness of them.

The Archivio Storico collection, extending over 16 linear kilometres, consists of the material collected in the archives of several major banks merged into the Group, the Library and the Archivio Publifoto

The archives of the Banks merged into the Intesa Sanpaolo Group

The color image portrays an interior of the archives with portraits hanging inside a room and other materials such as typewriters

The Banks' archives contain documents related to the history of Banca Commerciale Italiana, Banco Ambrosiano Veneto, Cassa di Risparmio delle Province Lombarde, Istituto Mobiliare Italiano and Banca Intesa.

The archives of the individual banks are complemented by those of the Group, for which the minutes of the Board of Directors up to the 1960s are available.

Finally, special sections are available, in which photographs, videos and items from the bank collections are described.

The Library

The image portrays a man sitting inside the Cariplo library intent on consulting books

The Intesa Sanpaolo Archivio Storico Library preserves the core of the historical libraries of the various credit institutions merged into the Group.

In addition to preserving existing library collections, all publications of Intesa Sanpaolo and its predecessor banks were acquired: series, monographs, periodicals and pamphlets, including works of a technical nature, history, art and culture.

The Library's collection also includes house organs, the company periodicals through which banks have communicated their identity and values over the years.

The Archivio Publifoto

The image from the Publifoto archive of the Gallerie d'Italia in Turin portrays a street where journalists and photojournalists are at work

The Archivio Publifoto consists of around seven million photographs, mostly in black and white, of current events, politics, customs, society, culture, sport, landscape and architecture, taken in Italy and abroad from the 1930s to the 1990s by the photographers of the famous photojournalism agency.

Technology has made the Archivio Publifoto accessible to a wider public: the photographic collection can also be consulted online.

The digitalised photographs are also displayed at the Gallerie d’Italia in Turin, on the Archivio Vivo interactive wall, from which viewers can save images to their devices.

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