Progetto Cultura: Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment to enhance art and culture

The image accompanying the news of Intesa Sanpaolo Culture Project portrays a young woman inside a museum observing a painting

Progetto Cultura is the multi-year programme through which Intesa Sanpaolo expresses its commitment to promoting art and culture in the countries where it operates.

Sharing, collaboration and conservation are at the heart of the Progetto Cultura, which involves opening the Bank's artistic and architectural heritage up to the public, working in synergy with public and academic conservation bodies and promoting knowledge of historical documents in the Group's archives

The leading players in Progetto Cultura are, specifically, the Gallerie d'Italia, Programma Restituzioni, the Group's Archivio Storico, and support for artistic and cultural institutions and initiatives.

Gallerie d'Italia

The image is the official logo of the Gallerie d'Italia designed by De Lucchi

Intesa Sanpaolo's Gallerie d'Italia are a museum and cultural centre designed to harness and open up to the public the Group's artistic and architectural heritage and to offer quality art exhibitions. They are located in four of the Bank's historical buildings in Milan, Naples, Turin and Vicenza, and house permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.


L'immagine del Programma Restituzioni di Intesa Sanpaolo ritrae una giovane donna intenta a restaurare un affresco su una parete

Since 1989, the two-year Restituzioni programme has been curating and supporting the restoration of works of Italy's artistic heritage, not owned by Intesa Sanpaolo, identified in cooperation with public and academic bodies that protect cultural heritage. Through Intesa Sanpaolo's Restituzioni programme, 1,300 works of public and private entities have already been restored to their original beauty.

Archivio Storico

L'immagine dell'Archivo Storico di Intesa Sanpaolo ritrae un'impiegata nell'archivio delle schede perforate nella sede della banca Cariplo a Milano in via Verdi. La foto in bianco e nero è di Farabola e risale all'anno 1952.

The Archivio Storico consists of the materials – thousands of documents, photographs, objects and videos on the history of the Bank and more – housed in the archives of the Group's banks, in the Archivio Publifoto and in the Library, which are available to the public for consultation.