"Restituzioni": an unprecedented public-private synergy for Italian art

Immagine del Programma Restituzioni di Intesa Sanpaolo ritrae una restauratrice al lavoro su ponteggi

In the two-year Restituzioni programme – part of Intesa Sanpaolo's Progetto Cultura – the Bank is working alongside government and academe to protect and develop Italy's artistic heritage.

The initiative consists of "returning" works and monuments chosen on the basis of recommendations by conservation bodies to their local communities through restoration. Over 30 years, more than 1,300 works of art and items have been restored thanks to the Restituzioni programme.

The participation of central and regional government in the Restituzioni programme has risen steadily since the first edition in 1989, as has the number of cultural items that have benefited from it, helping to make Intesa Sanpaolo's programme a virtuous model of private-public partnership.

Restituzioni has also opened up abroad: the Group has supported restorations in France, Germany and Slovakia, as well as in the Vatican City and, with a specific project, in Brazil.

In addition to protection, enhancement of the works also lies at the heart of the programme: at the end of each edition, restored items are displayed in temporary exhibitions for the general public, with catalogues, guides, videos and meetings.

The last edition of Restituzioni concluded at the Gallerie d'Italia in Naples, with a final exhibition inaugurated during the opening to the public of the museum's new location on Via Toledo. The programme is now in its 31st edition

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