Agreement with Federalberghi Lazio to support the regional tourism sector

The image associated with the news on the agreement with Federalberghi Lazio represents a young couple of tourists sitting in a bar from which they have a splendid view of the Colosseum

Intesa Sanpaolo and Federalberghi Lazio have signed an agreement to help accelerate investments by tourism businesses in the region aimed at:

  • upgrading and increasing standards of quality of facilities
  • energy efficiency and reduction of environmental impact consistent with ESG principles
  • digitalisation

to support competitiveness of tourism and hospitality businesses based in Lazio.

The agreement is part of the collaboration between Intesa Sanpaolo and the national Federalberghi, aimed at offering services to businesses in the tourism sector, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, and was signed in Rome on Albergatore Day.

The measures in support of tourism businesses also contribute to implementing one of the pillars of  "Motore Italia", Intesa Sanpaolo's strategic programme to support SMEs with new credit and liquidity for investments.

Intesa Sanpaolo's other measures for tourism businesses

Intesa Sanpaolo also offers other solutions to the business needs of tourism companies: the Crescibusiness programme to facilitate payment systems, the Suite Loan and S-Loan Tourism financing programmes and the Incent Now platform for access to NRRP tenders.

The tourism sector – among the most exposed to the pandemic – is considered one of the main drivers for Italy's recovery and accounts for 15% of its GDP.

During the first lockdown Intesa Sanpaolo supported tourism businesses with measures such as a 24-month moratorium on full loan payments, amortisation and interests for all outstanding loans for hotels, and today it offers a series of products to upgrade and revitalise tourist facilities.