Health insurance: InSalute Servizi becomes fully operational

The image that accompanies the News on the full operation of InSalute Servizi, with the transfer of a business branch from Blue Assistance, portrays a family made up of a father, mother and a child, embracing each other as a sign of protection.

InSalute Servizi, an Intesa Sanpaolo's Insurance Division company, is becoming fully operational thanks to the contribution of a business unit by Blue Assistance (a Reale Group company), which includes a technological platform, a network of affiliated healthcare facilities, know-how and a team of specialised personnel.

Thanks to the transaction, InSalute Servizi will be able to assist customers with sales, needs monitoring, handover, analysis and settlement of sickness and accident claims, while improving the quality of the services provided.

The strengths of InSalute Servizi include:

  • a network, when fully operational, of more than 5,000 healthcare facilities and 120,000 contracted doctors
  • a strong push towards digital services

With today's contribution, Blue Assistance acquires a 35% stake in InSalute Servizi, the remaining 65% of which is held by Intesa Sanpaolo Vita.

The project confirms the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's winning bancassurance model, which is unique in Italy, creating a leading operator in the market for supplementary healthcare services.

InSalute Servizi was set up in 2022 and specialises in the management of health and welfare services for Intesa Sanpaolo's captive customers, supplementary health funds, mutual welfare funds, companies and other entities operating in the supplementary health and welfare sectors.