Intesa Sanpaolo supports companies' energy transition with €76 bln

The image accompanying the news on the new "Motore Italia Energy Transition" program, which supports companies' investments in energy from renewable sources with €76 billion and encourages the creation of Renewable Energy Communities, shows a view of some uncultivated green fields which house several solar panels

Intesa Sanpaolo presents its new “Motore Italia Transizione Energetica” programme, which confirms €76 billion in support of business investment in renewable energy and encourages the creation of renewable energy communities (RECs).

The programme promotes the energy autonomy of Italian companies, thus increasing their competitiveness, with economic, environmental and social benefits for the community, in view of renewed collaboration between the public and private sectors.

The €76 billion made available for investments in renewable energy is part of the more than €410 billion made available by Intesa Sanpaolo to support the goals of the NRRP missions, which includes €120 billion for SMEs from now to 2026. 

Renewable energy communities and the S-Loan CER

The agreements in support of the “Motore Italia Transizione Energetica" plan include:

"The public-private cooperation that already yielded good results during the pandemic must be reinforced to develop renewable energy communities, an important opportunity for SMEs and households in view of their concrete economic, social and environmental benefits for entire areas."


Stefano Barrese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo's Banca dei Territori Division