Agritech: support to the business ideas of young people in Southern Italy

The image accompanying the News on Ideas2Grow which encourages entrepreneurship among the under 34s in the Agritech sector in Puglia, Molise and Basilicata, in collaboration with Talent Garden, portrays a young woman inside a technological greenhouse, consulting a tablet

Intesa Sanpaolo is supporting young people under age 34 with innovative ideas in Agritech by providing them with the tools to start their own businesses through the "Ideas2Grow" initiative, in collaboration with Talent Garden, aimed at students and recent graduates from Puglia, Molise and Basilicata.

The goal of Ideas2Grow is to develop new business ideas in an area with a strong agricultural tradition and potential for innovation such as the regions of Southern Italy by facilitating access to the working by young people.

The project consists of three phases:

  • submission of business ideas through participation in the Call 4 Ideas (until 23 April 2023)
  • hackathon to develop the project, with the support of industry experts, at the Innovation Hub Talent Garden in Bari (11 and 12 May 2023)
  • free participation in the agritech training course to acquire crucial skills for starting a business

More information is available on the project page.

An analysis by SRM, a research centre linked to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, shows that the South is the part of Italy with the most youth businesses: 182,998 at the end of 2022, almost 40% of Italy's total.