Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app helps with electricity and gas bills

The image accompanying the News on the partnership with Switcho which allows for the expansion of the services of the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app portrays a smiling couple on the sofa at home consulting a smartphone together

Through its Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app, Intesa Sanpaolo is providing access to the services of Switcho that support Italian families in saving money on their electricity and gas bills in a free, digital and innovative way.

Intesa Sanpaolo customers will thus be able to upload their electricity and gas bills, receive personalised savings offers based on an analysis of their consumption and evaluate and decide whether to activate them – all while letting the Switcho team handle all the paperwork needed to switch providers.

Intesa Sanpaolo aims to create an integrated, comprehensive ecosystem of high value-added solutions accessible through its mobile app as a single entry point: Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app is a crucial point of contact for 12 million of the Bank's multi-channel customers, with 1.5 billion logins per year and 146 million transactions.

For Intesa Sanpaolo this is its first non-financial service made available in an app and for fintech Switcho it is the first white-label technology integration within a banking app.

The partnership with Switcho is part of the digital transformation process pursued by Intesa Sanpaolo and its open banking strategy, which allows it to combine internal investments in R&D with the strong innovative potential of selected partners.

Since its inception in 2019, Switcho has sent savings proposals of over €50 million to the more than 300,000 users served.

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