Third sector: Intesa Sanpaolo weighs impact of social projects financed

The image that accompanies the news on the assessment of the social impact of loans granted to non-profit organizations, portrays a smiling young man in informal clothes in a wheelchair, accompanied by a young woman with whom he is talking, in front of a white vehicle used to transport more people.

Intesa Sanpaolo has developed a new tool for measuring the impact of the projects of the non-profit organisations and social initiatives that it finances: it is called Impact Counter, and its first results were presented in collaboration with PwC Italia and Prometeia.

The new assessment model analysed more than 1,000 initiatives from January 2022 to June 2023, for which Intesa Sanpaolo disbursed €500 million, identifying the following impacts:

  • 3 million potential individual beneficiaries
  • 34,000 jobs approximately that may be supported within beneficiary organisations, with the resulting social and environmental impact

The Impact Counter has also made it possible to assess the change imparted to the community by assigning a monetary value to the benefits achieved: every euro of financing for the voluntary sector yielded twice its value in social benefits.

In further detail, the analysis shows that €124 million of financing to non-profit organisations resulted in €276 million of monetised benefits, contributing 47% to health, 13% to quality education and 11% to alleviating poverty.

The new assessment model developed by Intesa Sanpaolo, based on internationally recognised methodologies, is a further step in positioning the Group as a world leader in social impact and as a European leader in sustainable finance.

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