Bologna receives €1.5 mln for work on roads damaged by the flood

The image accompanying the News on the donation of €1.5 million to the Metropolitan City of Bologna as a contribution for the reconstruction of the streets after the flood portrays the center of the city of Bologna

Intesa Sanpaolo and Fondazione Carisbo have donated €1.5 million to the city of Bologna as a contribution to post-flood reconstruction, to be put towards:

  • improvement of some provincial roads affected by last May's flooding
  • reconstruction of the historic bridge in the Bellaria area of Monzuno, on the border with Marzabotto
  • purchase of road monitoring and maintenance equipment.

In further detail, Intesa Sanpaolo contributed €1 million and Fondazione Carisbo €500,000.

Intesa Sanpaolo is also supporting communities through its joint work with shareholder foundations and, after the moratoria, is supporting the reconstruction and consolidation of infrastructure damaged by bad weather as a further aid for recovery.