SRM presents the 2023 "Italian Maritime Economy" Report

The image accompanying the News on the presentation of the tenth edition of SRM's Italian Maritime Economy Report, depicts a container ship docked at a port quay where goods are unloaded

SRM – Research Center for Economic Studies related to Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group – presented its 10th Annual "Italian Maritime Economy" Report focusing on Ports, Shipping and Logistics at the Centre of the New Mediterranean Scenarios. The document encompasses 10 years of analysis, data and reflections on the sector's competitiveness and Italy's role.

In his speech at the presentation of the Report, Chairman Gian Maria Gros-Pietro commented:

"The maritime economy is crucial to the future of Italy and Europe. The sector accounts for 9% of Italian GDP, 12% of European GDP and – in terms of international trade – 85-90% of total world trade volumes. Italian ports alone – in a year as deeply shaped by exceptional events as 2022 – moved half a billion tonnes of goods, over 60 million passengers and €380 billion in import-export."

"A few numbers are thus enough to see how much of a true economic asset the sector is: a driver that shifts geopolitical and economic balances, often influencing a country's development and competitiveness trends."

"Intesa Sanpaolo – the only Italian bank to have a specialised study centre on these issues – can thus provide support to sector operators, while also bringing foresight to its operational decisions. We support SEZs, for which we have made available financing of €5 billion for investments, and their success is intrinsically linked to port development."


Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo

Some highlights from the 2023 Italian Maritime Economy Report:

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