Venture Capital: Neva First Italia closes the investment period early

The image that accompanies the News on the early completion of the investment period of Neva First Italia portrays a smiling man and woman, in office clothes and surrounded by green potted plants, while exchanging views by looking at content together on a tablet

The Neva First Italia Fund of Neva SGR – the Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s venture capital company – successfully completed its investment programmes on the 30 June 2023, ahead of the forecast closure date of August 2025.

To date, Neva First Italia has made investments of €7 million overall in 9 Italian startups:

  • BetaGlue Technologies (development of innovative treatments against cancer)
  • Caracol (industrial 3D printers and additive manufacturing solutions)
  • D-Orbit (space logistics and orbital transport services)
  • Energy Dome (long-life CO2 batteries)
  • Leaf Space (global network of ground stations for satellite operators)
  • Mirta (online services for Made in Italy craftsmanship)
  • xFarm (digital management of agricultural crops)
  • Xnext (new generation of X-ray inspection systems for quality controls)
  • Yolo (digital insurance services)

Neva First Italia, in collaboration with CDP Venture Capital SGR, also assisted the 9 startups in raising a total of more than €160 million – €33 million of which was from the Neva First Fund – contributing to boosting the Italian innovation ecosystem.

The early completion of Neva First Italia’s investment programme demonstrates the focus placed by investors on technological and innovative companies in Italy.

The Fund, which launched its investment allocation period in November 2021, was underwritten, in addition to Neva SGR, by the Fondo di Fondi VenturItaly and by the Fondo di Co-Investimento MiSE (Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy) – both entirely managed by CDP Venture Capital SGR. 

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