Women and business: Women Value Company 2023 awards assigned

The image accompanying the News on the winners of the Women Value Company 2023 award portrays a young blonde woman, smiling, in a jacket and shirt, in front of her PC

Intesa Sanpaolo presented the prizes to the winners of the Women Value Company award, which, as a special category of the Marisa Bellisario Prize, aims to support and promote women business leaders of SMEs.

The awards in the 2023 edition:

  • Intesa Sanpaolo Women Value Company "Mela d'Oro" National Award: assigned to Nunzia Giunta, CEO of UOMO E AMBIENTE (Small Enterprise category), and to Sabrina Paola Secli, CEO of SPS Manifatture (Medium Enterprise category).

In addition:

  • "Women for Innovation" special mention: assigned to Relief, Ohoskin, SPlastica
  • "Women for International" special mention: assigned to Dino Paoli Srl and Santagata 1907 SpA
  • "Women for Social" special mention: assigned to La Gardenia and Alice Social Cooperative

The Intesa Sanpaolo Women Value Company Awards, launched in March 2023 and now in its seventh edition, considered over 1,200 candidate firms, from which the 100 winners were selected: to celebrate their example and vision, Intesa Sanpaolo and Fondazione Marisa Bellisario dedicated them three events – in Florence, Naples and Milan.

Intesa Sanpaolo provides €1bln in support of women entrepreneurs

The distinctive features of the 100 SME winners of the Women Value Company Award