Gender equality: Women Value Company award for "women's" SMEs

The image accompanying the News on the VII edition of the «Women Value Company – Intesa Sanpaolo» award portrays a young woman in a white shirt with her arms folded inside an office

The "Women Value Company - Intesa Sanpaolo" award is now in its seventh edition. In collaboration with the Marisa Bellisario Foundation, the award is dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises that:

  • implement concrete, innovative inclusion policies
  • value female talent and merit
  • develop effective corporate welfare solutions

More specifically, the initiative is aimed at SMEs that have performed well in view of the particular economic and social situation and have implemented at least one of the following activities:

  • family/work reconciliation services
  • innovative corporate welfare initiatives
  • flexible work organisation policies
  • non-discriminatory merit pay policies
  • plans for the development and enhancement of women's skills and careers, with women in managerial or senior positions

The initiative is part of the Group's broader commitment to inclusion and supporting the role of women in the world of work: Intesa Sanpaolo has made available up to €500 million to support the start-up and strengthening of female entrepreneurship and maximise the contribution of women to Italy's economic and social development.

New developments in the 2023 edition include the awarding of new special mentions linked to areas of development consistent with the NRRP missions: innovation, social and internationalisation.

The winning companies will be announced during the award ceremony for the XXXV edition of the Marisa Bellisario Prize.

Businesses that qualify for the initiative can apply by completing the online questionnaire published on Intesa Sanpaolo's website by 20 April or via the website of the Marisa Bellisario Foundation.