Digitalisation: Intesa Sanpaolo Global Excellence at the CIO+ Italia Award

The image accompanying the News on the Global Excellence award at the CIO+ Italia Award 2023 received by Intesa Sanpaolo for the digital transformation path undertaken by the Group, portrays two colleagues inside a data center while they analyze information together on a laptop

Intesa Sanpaolo was named a Global Excellence at the CIO+ Italia Award 2023, for the digital transformation process carried out by the Group through the Government Area dedicated to Innovation and Information Technology, C-DAITO.

The award is dedicated to the best Chief Information Officers (CIOs) & IT Digital Leaders of Italian companies and is organised by the CIONET business community.

The award is a further recognition of the best practices adopted by Intesa Sanpaolo in the field of technology. Thanks to IsyTech in particular, a state-of-the-art digital platform that will be adopted by the entire Group, families, businesses and colleagues will be offered fintech-like services, in an approach focusing on simplification and efficiency.