SMEs: cross-border business opportunities in Albania, Croazia, Serbia, Slovenia

The image accompanying the News on the strengthening of the program to support the internationalization of Italian SMEs which extends to Albania, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, portrays the panorama of the center of Belgrade - Serbia - at night, with Slavija square and the temple of Saint Sava

Intesa Sanpaolo strengthens its program to support the internationalization of Italian SMEs and extends it to Albania, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, by making available instruments such as:

  • increased lines of financing and offering of products and services dedicated to internationalisation
  • onboarding teams for Italian companies at the Group's foreign banks

involving Intesa Sanpaolo Bank in Albania, Privredna Banka Zagreb in Croatia, Banca Intesa Beograd in Serbia, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank in Slovenia, as well as the regional offices of Banca dei Territori - the domestic commercial banking unit - and the Agribusiness Department.

The project, aimed at harnessing intragroup synergies for SMEs, has already been successfully implemented in the markets of Slovakia (through VUB Banka), Romania (Intesa Sanpaolo Bank) and Hungary (CIB Bank).

With over €250 million in financing already granted, just a few months after launch, the project then expands to countries in which the Group enjoys a leadership role and will provide increasing support to both Italian companies operating in those areas and foreign companies operating in Italy.

February 2024 roadshow dates, to illustrate cross-border business opportunities to companies, are:

  • Venice,19 February
  • Padua, 20 February
  • Jesi, 21 February
  • Florence, 22 February

The program enhances growth opportunities for Italian SMEs in the 12 countries served by the Group's retail banks in Central and South-Eastern Europe and North Africa, leveraging on synergies between its International Subsidiary Banks Division (ISBD) and Banca dei Territori Division (BDT).

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