All month the Bank is running a campaign to inform businesses regarding the opportunities and obligations deriving from the reform of the pension system.

Turin, 17 January 2007 -  Intesa Sanpaolo is dedicating the month of January to complementary pension plans, offering 93 meetings for both businesses and the self-employed.

The Bank’s specialists will travel throughout Italy, visiting both large cities and small towns: more details can be found on the websites www.bancaintesa.it and www.sanpaolo.com.

The purpose of the campaign is to illustrate the development of pension plans and the opportunities opening up for employers and employees, in order to manage the move to the new system in the best possible way.

Adhesion to the complementary pension plans, while not mandatory, is crucial for employees to obtain the means necessary to maintain their standard of living at the end of their working lives. Each worker must be able to select the most suitable pension type and investor sector.

During the meetings, the new law on the allocation of Employee Termination Indemnity (TFR) will be illustrated, along with the contribution and tax advantages that this introduces for companies and workers, and the instruments offered by Intesa Sanpaolo.

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