- For anyone aged between 18 and 35 - new highly flexible finance products
- www.giovani.intesasanpaolo.com,
 to send applications to the bank
- Running from Sunday 10 June - the new TV adverts with the Gialappa’s Band

Milan, 6 June 2007 – Today Intesa Sanpaolo has unveiled “PROGETTOGIOVANI 1.0”, an offer based on two new products, a mortgage and a personal loan, designed to meet the specific needs of young people.

This is a market segment that has seen its needs and expectations develop over the past few decades without always finding adequate responses from the financial world.

In 2003 in Italy there were 7.5 million young people aged between 18 and 35 living with their families, about 59% of the total. In Europe, this percentage did not exceed 30%. In addition, in the past ten years the percentage of those living with their parents increased by about 10%. This is the result of different factors, where distinctive traits of Italian and Mediterranean culture blend with obvious difficulties in finding stable employment; in fact, more than 60% of atypical work is performed by young people. 

This situation is often caused by young people feeling that they are largely overlooked by the banking system as possible customers:  67% of atypical workers state that they have no access to credit and 70% that they cannot obtain a mortgage.
Intesa Sanpaolo has analysed this situation and has designed an offer specifically for young people, an offer that provides practical solutions for their personal development and recognition of their potential.

“PROGETTOGIOVANI 1.0” intends to create the best conditions for young people to access credit through adequate levels of flexibility and convenience. Based on this new approach Intesa Sanpaolo today unveils the first two specific offers relating to the mortgages and loans sector.

In order to access the credit and enjoy the special advantages reserved to them, young customers will have to prove that they are actively employed and that they have had a paid job for at least 18 of the past 24 months; they will also have to give prior notice if they find it necessary to defer payment of the instalments, as laid down in the contractual terms and conditions. 

“PROGETTOGIOVANI 1.0” confirms the Bank’s focus on types of customers who require products and conditions designed just for them. In recent years, the Group has developed projects and products such as, amongst others, Intesabridge (the first study loan in Italy, without personal guarantees, based solely on merit), Universithouse (a loan earmarked for university students to tackle the problem of accommodation during study away from home) and Conto 18-26 (a current account designed for the youngest category), the first example in Italy of access to credit for young people and students.

It will also be possible on the www.giovani.intesasanpaolo.com  site, which will be up and running from Monday 11 June, to calculate the amount of the loan and mortgage instalments and send the application, which will be processed in one of the 5,500 Intesa Sanpaolo branches.

The advertising campaign supporting “PROGETTOGIOVANI 1.0” will start on Sunday 10 June and run for the next three weeks: it will be scheduled on the main TV, radio and print media and will also have a prominent web presence. The Gialappa’s Band will once again star in the TV adverts alongside Intesa Sanpaolo employees and customers.



-Up to Euro 250,000 and up to 100% of the house purchase price or value (if lower).
-Duration up to 40 years.
-Fixed or variable rate.
-Flexible repayment plan: 6 instalments may be deferred throughout the mortgage period, if required, subject to prior notification to the bank. May be deferred up to 3 times, if so entitled. No costs incurred.
-Option to reduce or extend the payment plan by 5 years, provided that the total period does not exceed 40 years. No costs incurred.

PROGETTOGIOVANI 1.0 – Personal Loan

-Up to Euro 30,000 for any purpose.
-Duration up to 72 months.
-Fixed rate.
-Flexible repayment plan: once the first 12 instalments have been duly paid, 1 monthly instalment a year may be deferred, subject to prior notification to the bank. The deferred payment arrangement does not incur costs.
-Alternatively, the option to defer paying the first instalment up to maximum of 6 months from the date the loan is disbursed.


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