• The study day is the first event of the partnership between the Banking Group and the Californian institute
• The business community learns from the future: from artificial intelligence to energy, from sustainability to biomedicine

Milan, 3 May 2012 – Today the Cariplo Convention Centre hosted “Our future is now: how exponential technologies impact your lives,” a study day organised by Intesa Sanpaolo and Singularity University, the Silicon Valley-based university created in 2008 and located at the NASA Research Park, at the initiative of Google, Autodesk and other leading companies.

This event pursues the goal of developing exponentially growing technology and knowledge in order to deal with the great changes facing humanity.This is the first event of the European partnership between the Banking Group and the prestigious Californian university: avant-garde collaboration in the field of innovation and cutting-edge technology.

This collaboration enables Intesa Sanpaolo to strengthen its role as international player capable of detecting the major current changes in many fields in order to provide its customers with solutions for growth and foster continuous opportunities for innovation and business. The conference, which was opened by a speech by Gaetano Miccichè – General Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo and Head of the Corporate and Investment Banking Division – also saw the participation of leading players from Italy’s business community and innovation world: top managers, entrepreneurs, investors, market regulators and representatives of the scientific community.
In particular, the main speeches include the introduction by Salim Ismail, global ambassador and founding executive director of Singularity University, describing the impact of the acceleration of technology on society and people’s daily lives.
The other speakers from Singularity University led the audience towards revolutionary discoveries in a variety of fields: in particular, Neil Jacobstein spoke of the most recent developments in artificial intelligence, Scott Summit of the future of manufacturing, David Orban of the prospects 2 for an “Internet of objects” and computational science, Eric Ezechieli of energy and sustainability, and Raymond McCauley and Andrew Hessel of the future of biotechnology and medicine.

Singularity University
Singularity University was established in 2008 by Peter H. Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil. Google, NASA, Nokia, Cisco
and Autodesk are among its main founders. The institute is located in the research campus of NASA, Silicon Valley, one
of the most prestigious and innovative research centres in the world.
The Singularity University training programmes provide an intense interdisciplinary, international and multicultural
experience. Intensive 10-week courses are available, aimed at a very diverse target audience, as well as executive
programmes spanning 4-7 days held throughout the year.
Today the California-based Singularity University represents one the most important academic institutes in the world for
the study of various technologies as factors for driving growth and prosperity in order to face and resolve humanity’s
great challenges (water, energy, sustainability, health, poverty, etc.) with a highly pragmatic and totally interdisciplinary
approach. Within these areas, Singularity University aims to develop, through the best talents available worldwide, ideas
and projects that may have a positive impact on 1 billion people within the next 10 years.

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