A new organisation designed by Gaetano Miccichè to contribute to reaching the objectives of the 2014-2017 Business Plan even more effectively

              The International Network and Global Industries Department has been established, under the control of Teresio Testa. It includes the activities and the structures of the International Department

              The Corporate and Public Finance Department, under the control of Marco Rottigni, to strengthen the leadership in servicing Corporate customers in Italy

              The Global Banking & Transaction Department, under the control of Stefano Stangoni, is the Group's unifying centre for the transactional services in the payment systems and for trade and export finance products and services

              Mauro Micillo will be designated as Managing Director of Banca IMI

              Gaetano Miccichè, General Manager, Head of the CIB Division, shall be appointed as Vice President of Banca IMI


Turin/Milan, 7 November 2014Intesa Sanpaolo provided the Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB) Division - headed by Gaetano Miccichè, General Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo - with a new organisational structure that will help the CIB Division to contribute to reaching the objectives of the 2014-2017 Business Plan even more effectively.


The new structure is planned to include a network of more than 1,000 specialists organised according to the specific industry sectors and chains of their corporate customers. This arrangement will exist alongside the more traditional division by region and size. This new organisational model will bring about a significant strengthening of the relationship with corporate customers: sales managers will now become all-round industrial advisors in order to understand customers' needs, propose innovative instruments, and anticipate any critical situations related to cyclical trends.


The new set-up within the Division lays the ideal foundations that during the Plan period can help achieve the targeted revenues of 3.4 billion euro with a significant increase of the fee and commission-related component that is expected to rise by 26%.


The new organisational model is structured as follows:


International Network and Global Industries


The new International Network and Global Industries Department, responsibility for which has been entrusted to Teresio Testa, includes the Italian and foreign industrial Groups doing business in key sectors with global import and a high degree of internationalisation. The activities and structures of the International Department have been merged into the Department, also with a view to focus on further international growth for the business, to develop the customer base in Italy, and to seize any opportunities in relation to international customers, driven by the expansion of the network of international Hubs within the Group.

The Industrial Groups are divided into 6 Industries (Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Automotive, Telecom & Media, Infrastructures and Luxury & Consumer Goods) with dedicated specialists that are involved in ordinary and extraordinary transactions in constant coordination with the Investment Banking and Capital Markets structures of Banca IMI. 9 Global Industries Centres in Italy and dedicated Desks at the international Branches of the Group also ensure the presence in the territory. Walter Ambrogi, previous head of the International Department, will contribute to the development of the new Department until 30 June 2015. 


Corporate and Public Finance


More than 2,000 Italian corporates, with a turnover higher than 350 million euro, are under the guidance of the Corporate and Public Finance Department, responsibility for which is entrusted to Marco Rottigni. The Department, which is mainly aimed to strengthen the market leadership in servicing Corporate customers in Italy is organised in 8 Industries (Automotive Mechanics & Electronics; Business Solutions; Consumer Goods & Services; State-owned bodies & enterprises; Food & Beverage GDO; General Contractors & Infrastructures; Healthcare; Materials) and in a national network divided into 8 Markets. The new organisation favours the definition of the offer depending on the reference industry and chain and increases the territorial focus.


Global Banking & Transaction


The Global Banking & Transaction (GBT) Department - headed by Stefano Stangoni - which is in charge of the relationship with the Italian and international Financial Institutions and the custody and settlement of Italian securities (local custody), also manages the activities related to the transactional services for payment services and trade and export finance products/services. With respect to these activities, the GBT Department, thanks to the new organisation, will serve as a real unifying centre across the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. As a result, the GBT Department can fully exploit the professional skills existing in the structure, optimise sector management and promptly seize new and important business opportunities. The aim of the GBT Department will be to define a more advanced offer addressed to customers that is represented by Italian and International banks and by the insurance companies and Asset Management firms.



Merchant Banking


The Merchant Banking Department, headed by Marco Cerrina-Feroni, is active in the private equity segment, including through the companies Private Equity International (PEI) and IMI Investimenti.


Banca IMI


With respect to Banca IMI, the investment bank of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, subject to the completion of the relevant decision-making and authorisation processes, the present General Manager of Banca IMI, Mauro Micillo, will be designated as Managing Director, thus achieving a leaner chain of command and a more rational management structure. Micillo, aged 44, is one of the major officers of the Group's new generation with a high potential; he was Managing Director in Eurizon, having previously held high positions in Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Gruppo Capitalia. Similarly, the appointment of Gaetano Miccichè as Vice President, will confirm the constant pursuit of commercial and operational synergies with the investment bank of Intesa Sanpaolo as to the activities of the Corporate and Investment Banking Division and of the Group as a whole.




“Intesa Sanpaolo has always been strongly committed to accompanying Italian corporates along their path of dimensional growth and opening towards the global market. In particular” - stated Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo - “thanks to our international network, we are able to support the cross-border expansion of the Italian corporates across the main regional hubs that report the highest development rates. The awareness of our role of ideal partner for corporates motivated the creation of the innovative service model of the Corporate & Investment Banking Division, a reality of our Group characterised by its performance excellence.”


“With the new industry-related service model, designed to reflect the different categories of our customers and meet their specific needs, we will be able to provide greater support to the most deserving Italian corporates and develop long-lasting relationships with large international groups,” declared Gaetano Miccichè, General Manager and Head of the CIB Division of Intesa Sanpaolo. “We also want to create greater synergies between the provision of credit facilities and specialised products, increase industry and chain expertise within our company, raise the degree of specialisation and internationalisation and strengthen the presence in the territory, with the aim of achieving higher customer satisfaction.”



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