National Award for Innovation


Rome, 20 September 2016 - Intesa Sanpaolo received the “Award of Awards” for its innovation skills on Innovation Day, in the presence of the President of the Republic of Italy, Sergio Mattarella and the Minister of Education, Universities and Research, Stefania Giannini. Also participating in the ceremony was the Chairman Gian Maria Gros-Pietro and the managers of the chosen project.

The 2016 National Award for Innovation is awarded to the 34 best innovation projects among those selected in national competitions in the sectors of industry, design, universities and public research, public administration and services, including banking.

Regarding the banking sector, the initiative included an initial selection phase promoted by the Italian Banking Association, which ended on 22 March with the award ceremony during the Forum ABI Lab.

Intesa Sanpaolo came first place in the “Smart bank” category for the “Digital Factory 3D” project.

The Jury, consisting of representatives from the business, institutional and academic world, chose Intesa Sanpaolo for: “Having established an innovation management and working method for banking services that revolutionises the internal organisation of the bank, aiming to involve the best skills and methodologies to accelerate the speed of implementation of the initiatives. The Project enhances the role of people inside the bank, with the involvement of customers in all its phases, through service design methodologies, and the participation of all the structures concerned by the process. The redesign of the main operating processes with a zero-based view, the development of solutions with frequent interaction and continuous feedback and the co-location of the people involved in a single group space complete a reversal of the traditional focus, passing from processes designed by the bank for the bank to processes designed with the customers for the customers”.

As one of the goals of the 2014-2017 Business Plan, Intesa Sanpaolo launched an in-depth digital transformation route and the project Digital Factory 3D represents an essential part of it.

The Digital Factory aims to redesign all the Bank’s main processes, according to innovation, simplification and digitalisation logics, starting from the needs of the end customer and operating in a transversal manner with the involvement of all the corporate functions, from the Business Divisions to the Innovation Center and the Head Office Departments.
Starting from 2015 the main processes were selected, in terms of business and digital potential, and “redesigned” according to the “zero-based” concept (from scratch), through multi-disciplinary teamwork, to obtain a complete review of the processes for mortgage loans and inheritances and launch the redesign of another six important processes for Retail and Corporate customers

Gian Maria Gros-Pietro Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo declared “The Intesa Sanpaolo group invests heavily in innovation and advanced technology to face the new needs of the public and provide a qualified service which also includes the relationship with our people.  ISP sees the technological push and investment in human capital as two inseparable fronts to best serve our customers.”
 “The comprehensive review of our activities has customer needs at its core. In the coming three years, we will digitally review the Group’s most important processes” declared Silvio Fraternali, head of Integrated Operating Strategies leading the Digital Factory of Intesa Sanpaolo. “The Digital Factory, together with what the Bank is creating with the Multichannel Project and what we are doing with our Innovation Centre, contributes to innovation and proposes simple and easy to use solutions. Today’s acknowledgement firstly awards the commitment of those colleagues who shared the project by becoming real players in the change” concluded Sandro Gerardin, head of the Digital Factory.

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