• The agreement, born out of the initiative of the bank's Innovation Centre, aims to provide support to business and corporate customers who, by adopting an Open Innovation approach, are interested in the purchase or sale of patents.

• The innovation company is among the world's most experienced in the industry, raising more than USD$6 billion in investor capital since its founding in 2000, and holding more than 70,000 patents in its portfolio, of which 40,000 are in active monetization programs.

Milan, Bellevue 16 November - The Intesa Sanpaolo Group has signed an agreement with Intellectual Ventures (Bellevue, Wash.), a global innovation company specializing in innovation, invention and the patent market. The intention of the agreement is to provide additional support to the bank's business and corporate customers who, by adopting the Open Innovation approach, are interested in enhancing intellectual property through the purchase, sale or licensing of patents.

The agreement, signed by Maurizio Montagnese, Intesa Sanpaolo Chief Innovation Officer, and Cory Van Arsdale, Senior Vice President, Global Licensing at Intellectual Ventures, is a testament to the bank's commitment to providing support to enhance the competitiveness of its customers and opening up new opportunities for them to access research and intellectual property at the global level.

With this agreement the bank aims to make a new tool available to its customers in order to help them take, as always, all possible opportunities for development and growth. Intellectual Ventures works in similar market sectors as Intesa Sanpaolo, covering diverse industries with the greatest need for research and development, including the automotive, energy, material, and food and beverage industries.

Intellectual Ventures, founded in 2000, operates in nine countries with a network of more than 4,000 investors. To date approximately USD$6 billion dollars has been invested in the fund to build a patent portfolio in excess of 70,000 assets. Out of this portfolio, more than 40,000 patents are in active market programs.


"The agreement with Intellectual Ventures”, commented Maurizio Montagnese, Chief Innovation Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo. “Is a testament to our activities in support of the Open Innovation strategies of its own customers, at the same time strengthening the approach by industry that increasingly positions the group as a strategic partner to its customers”.

“Intesa Sanpaolo has a strong corporate commitment to innovation, for themselves and their customers. As a global innovation, invention and intellectual property company, Intellectual Ventures is excited to partner with them to provide their customers access to our suite of innovation-related services”, said Cory Van Arsdale, Senior Vice President, Global Licensing at Intellectual Ventures. “We look forward to continuing our work with some of Europe’s most cutting-edge companies through our newly created Strategic Innovation Network in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo”.


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