Intesa Sanpaolo: green light given for agreement with the Municipality of Milan and Advancad Sistems to pay IMU and Tasi Taxes online

The online system for paying F24 tax forms online on the Municipality of Milan website is now available, allowing users to pay by credit card and with no commission fees

Milan, 4 December 2017 – Thanks to the agreement signed between the Municipality of Milan, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and Advanced Systems, Milan’s citizens and owners of property in the regional capital of Lombardy will be able to pay their IMU (Municipal Property Tax) and TASI (Municipal Tax for Indivisible Services) online and with no commission fees from the Municipality of Milan portal, using a credit card.

For Milanese taxpayers, the online payment of IMU and TASI F24 tax forms – recently made available on the portal – can therefore be done in a few clicks. Through the Municipality of Milan site in the Tributi (Taxes) section, the citizens of Milan will be able to calculate their taxes to be paid with software from Advanced Systems and, at the same time, without paying any commission fees; they will be able to make the payment by simply using a payment card, without having to open a new window or print off the F24 tax form to then pay the taxes at the counter. Foreign citizens who own property in Milan will also be able to benefit from this service.

In this start-up phase, users can only access this service through the Municipality of Milan site, which has recognized the possibility of increasing the service and the focus on the public as the tax calculation system develops. The service will later be made available on all portals managed by the company Advanced Systems that allow F24 tax forms to be calculated.

"The municipality has a clear commitment to improve ordinary tax collection mechanisms, and this is another piece of the puzzle. We are now expecting help from the State for enforced collection”, said Roberto Tasca, councillor responsible for budget and the property of the Municipality of Milan.

“Thanks to this agreement, the process of paying for the F24 tax forms is significantly simplified by allowing for the compilation of forms and payment to be done online, and also by providing electronic receipts”, explained Stefano Favale, head of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Global Transaction Banking Department. “We are confident that providing this completely online service, without the need to print off paper forms or to go to the counter at the bank or the post office, is an important step towards simplifying the relationship with Public Administration”.

“Paying F24 tax forms directly on the Municipality’s portal,” stressed Advanced Systems CEO Antonio Goglia, “is an innovation which was introduced in order to simplify operations as much as possible, and also to avoid the errors that are currently sometimes made by taxpayers with F24 forms when home banking”.


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