• Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App “Overall Digital Experience Leader” and Best Practise among European banking apps
  • Customers can rely on a state-of-the-art digital platform, with channels fully integrated into the physical network
  • Massimo Tessitore: “We are among the first European Apps, with 7 million active users, over 1 billion logins per year and services that now represent over 30% of total sales of the Banca dei Territori Division”.

Milan, October 12th, 2021 – Intesa Sanpaolo announced today that the US research and advisory firm Forrester found the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App "Overall Digital Experience Leader" and cited the bank as best practice in several categories among the European banking apps it evaluated in terms of functionality and user experience.

In addition to recognizing Intesa Sanpaolo’s digital leadership, the newly-published report The Forrester Digital Experience Review ™: European Mobile Banking Apps, Q3 2021, showed how Intesa Sanpaolo leads in four categories of best practices out of thirteen:

  • Account Management, for offering customers the ability to check transactions in specific areas by drawing on a map;
  • Navigation, for icons that use visible text labels and hide when the user needs more space;
  • User guide (Error avoidance and recovery), for the interactive and contextual assistance provided to the customer in carrying out operations with the App;
  • Privacy and information content (Privacy cues and content), for the clarity and transparency with which the App manages the contents related to Privacy and permissions requested from customers.

Among the features of the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App that have been reported:

  • The new graphics, with clear colors, redistributed spaces and characters that make it readable and accessible to all;
  • The new digital experience on transactional operations, redesigned to be more intuitive, usable and faster;
  • The tools to support the financial well-being of the customer, which allow the possibility of setting aside money for small and large objectives and provide tools to better understand and manage their finances in everyday life;
  • Personalized guidance in the use and discovery of the app's features, based on each customer's “digital style”;
  • Simplicity in the search for movements and documents;
  • Videobanking, the new way to get in touch with Remote Managers also via video;
  • The innovative features to keep your expenses under control in a fast and intuitive way, such as the "expense map" that allows you to draw the area in which you want to view your spending.

The recognition by Forrester Research confirms for us, once again, the disruptive strategy developed by Intesa Sanpaolo in the multichannel customer experience, in the context of a profound digital transformation of the business that involved processes, platforms and services. Today, the 13.4 million customers of the Banca dei Territori Division led by Stefano Barrese, reorganized since April into 12 regional departments and 1 agribusiness department to enhance the service offer, can take advantage of a cutting-edge digital retail platform. Online bank, accessible 24 hours a day and 7/7 via internet and mobile banking, and online branch, ready to support the telephone, are fully interoperable, with the possibility of activating multi-channel sales and after-sales paths on most of the products. The mobile App, in particular, is also much appreciated regardless of the age, thanks to simple and immediately usable interfaces. For the most complex needs, the almost 4,000 branches present throughout the territory are always available: people - customers and employees - remain at the center of a consolidated and lasting relationship model, based on trust and quality of service.

The Intesa Sanpaolo App has seen significant growth in recent years:

  • since 2018, active users have grown by 130% and by 1 million people in the last year alone, exceeding 7 million users;
  • operations carried out using the Appp have seen a sustained increase, growing about 10% in the last 12 months;
  • financial purchases concluded on digital channels via the App in 2021 were 6 times those of 2018 and now represent over 30% of total sales of the Banca dei Territori Division;
  • one in three self-made purchases is made today on our App.

"Today we are one of the largest European App -says Massimo Tessitore, Head of Digital Channels - with over 7 million customers using our app, over 1 billion logins per year, thanks to our strong focus on mobile. Our app has supported the robust growth of "closed" purchases on digital channels of our products and services which now represent over 30% of total salesof Banca dei Territori. This leadership is the result of the continuous attention to customers, the focus on digital investments and the professionalism of all the people in the team ".


Intesa Sanpaolo

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