The measures involves 82,000 people for an amount of €500

Turin/Milan, 29 July 2022 – Intesa Sanpaolo reports that the Board of Directors, chaired by Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, met and resolved an extraordinary disbursement of €500, by way of donation, in the favour of Group people in Italy and abroad. The measure, which involves 82,000 people – with the exception of those classified as managers or on equivalent salaries – seeks to provide concrete support to address the economic difficulties due to the increased cost in food and energy commodities, as well as the difficulties deriving from the pandemic emergency. The total amount of the intervention is €48 million.

Our people are the Bank’s vital centre: they drive the growth and innovation as well as sensitivity for solidarity projects. Our leadership is built on their professionalism and competence. At a difficult stage with spending capacity impacted by inflation rises, we have chosen to send a sign of attention and nearness, concrete support that we make available to our people and their families”, commented Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo.

Intesa Sanpaolo constantly promotes extraordinary initiatives in the favour of staff, a key factor to the Group’s growth. In March 2020, during the most complex period of the pandemic, the Bank granted an extra six days holiday over and above those assigned by law and the national collective bargaining agreement to thank those working hard to ensure branch operations, for their great sense of responsibility that allowed us to guarantee continuity of a public service so essential for businesses and families.

More recently, the 800 people of our Ukrainian bank Pravex have been supported by the colleagues of the Intesa Sanpaolo offices of the surrounding countries, some of which are still being hosted, together with their families, in Italy. The day after the war broke out, an extra month’s salary was granted to all our Pravex colleagues, and to help colleagues needing to leave Ukraine cope with the essential expenses incurred, a specific economic aid was resolved by the Intesa Sanpaolo Onlus Foundation in support of their families with under-age children.


In addition, early 2022, when the war broke out so close to Europe, Intesa Sanpaolo allocated €10 million to non-profit entities to help attenuate some of the difficulties experienced by the Ukrainian population; of these, more than €4 million were donated to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), considering the Forfunding, the amount of which raised in favour of the international organisation, has been doubled by the Bank.

On the strength of the solidity that makes it one of the top European banks, Intesa Sanpaolo has intervened in the last two years with extraordinary support measures for Italy, including €100 million donated to the Italian health system to fight the pandemic (the report of interventions is published here) and additional resources donated by Carlo Messina, CEO Intesa Sanpaolo, by the top managers reporting directly to him, by the Board of Directors and raised from amongst the Bank’s staff.


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