Changes and appointments in Fideuram - Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking and its subsidiaries


Milan, 22 April 2024 – Intesa Sanpaolo announces the appointments in the top roles of Fideuram - Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking.

The appointments (some of which will be effective after the approval of the Supervisory Authority) confirm the guidelines indicated last March 28 by the Managing Director and CEO Carlo Messina, on the occasion of the renewals of the roles of the Parent Company: recognition of professionalism, skills and internal resources, through the valorization of young, more experienced managers and the female talent present in the company, also with a view to generational transition, with the aim of remaining leaders in their respective business lines.

Wealth Management Divisions

The new structure led by Tommaso Corcos was established to accelerate growth and encourage greater integration of product factories in the wealth management sector.

Reporting directly to the manager: the Asset Management, Insurance and Private Divisions of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, as well as the HR Coordination and Wealth Management Organization area, entrusted to Giulia Zanichelli and Finance Wealth Management Coordination area, with responsibility entrusted to Domenico Sfalanga.

Private Division

Paolo Molesini was confirmed as President, Lino Mainolfi was appointed CEO and General Manager of Fideuram - Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking.

Gianluca Serafini is the new Head of the Marketing, Product and Business Model Coordination Area and will be designated Co-General Manager.

Luca Bortolan has been appointed Head of the new Operational Coordination Area, which includes the Operational Controls, Operations and Business Transformation, Legal and Direct Banking structures.

Fabio Cubelli, Head of the Business Coordination Area and Co-General Manager, is Responsible for the sole coordination of the financial advisor networks (Fideuram, Sanpaolo Invest, IW Private Investments SIM), as well as Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking.

Cristiana Fiorini will assume the role of General Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking.

Andrea Ghidoni will be Responsible for the Fideuram Network and Commercial Coordination.

Davide Elli has been appointed CEO and General Manager of Fideuram Asset Management SGR, as well as Head of the Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking Investment Center.



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