Commitment to financial inclusion and customers: data

The Group intends to satisfy customers through an operating machine capable of offering simple solutions that meet their needs, with particular attention to the IT and physical security of customers.

Strong attention is paid to supporting the real economy, ensuring financial support to deserving companies even in times of difficulty, accompanying them in the implementation of innovative restructuring, relaunch and growth solutions. The intervention of the Group in support of the company also translates into initiatives to support the Third Sector and financial inclusion of categories with difficulties in accessing credit despite their potential, with particular reference to young people, their education and training . The offer of sustainable investments and the availability of insurance solutions for customer protection are further qualifying elements of the Group's responsible action.

The interventions that Intesa Sanpaolo has launched in favor of businesses and households rise to 30 billion euro to support the higher costs associated with energy increases and daily spending. We thus confirm our role as a reference for the real economy, with particular attention to social needs. The huge resources that we are making available to the country are possible thanks to our solidity and the professionalism of our people. We are convinced that together we will be able to overcome difficulties.

Carlo Messina, CEO

Our Group, through the Fund for Impact, puts in place various credit measures to support the disbursement of loans at highly subsidized rates, and with long repayment times, to categories of customers not yet served with ordinary criteria.

Andrea Lecce, Head of Impact Direction

Customer experience

The NPS is up compared to 2020 on Exclusive customers, it is stable on Retail and Third Sector customers and is essentially stable on the Corporate side, despite the complex work associated with the integration of the UBI branches, which also led to the relocation of several customers to new portfolios, creating discontinuity in the relationship of some Intesa Sanpaolo long-term customers; this is a positive sign of good customer management at a time of major changes.

  Intesa Sanpaolo Group (excluding UBI Banca Group)
Net Promoter Score (NPS) performance by type of customer* 2019 2020 2021
Retail 20 21 21
Exclusive 7 15 19
SME 11 22 20
Third Sector - 25 25
Agribusiness - - 14

NPS is an indicator that expresses the likelihood of customers to recommend the bank, therefore its overall satisfaction. During 2020, about 750,000 customers were interviewed.
Findings collected from Banca dei Territori customers. In 2019 it was established that the reference channel for surveys would be the telephone. Therefore, since 2019 all the data has been calculated by applying a correction that enables the votes collected through different channels to be made comparable with those gathered by telephone.

* Since 2020, the results for Retail and Exclusive customers refer to the Individuals Service Model in force since January 2020, and are compared with the 2019 and 2018 results (already published in the relevant CNFS), which corresponded to the Retail and Personal segments (both to the previous Service Model). Furthermore, the 2020 figure includes the Third Sector for the first time and the Retail Business responses as part of the general Retail responses. 
** Surveys on Agribusiness customers were launched for the first time in June 2021.

Social impact loans and relations with the Third Sector
      Intesa Sanpaolo Group (excluding UBI Banca Group)
ISP+UBI*   Intesa Sanpaolo Group (including UBI Banca Group)
Loans granted for social purposes [K euro]**
2019   2020 2020   2021
16,167 57,699 73,866 6,027 77,898
83,925   10,023 87,218 97,241
Anti-usury loans 1,480 0 1,480 1,305 0 1,305 7,130   14,661 0 14,661
Loans to the Third Sector
205,370 0 205,370 470,698 0 470,698 522,335   460,379 0 460,379
Products for vulnerable social groups
3,178,120 253,693 3,431,814 4,280,170 267,240 4,547,410 4,890,282   5,499,202 292,955 5,792,157
Support for people hit by disastrous events
136,907 0 136,907 32,071,647 0 32,071,647 34,778,449   14,264,890 0 14,264,890
Total 3,538,044 311,392 3,849,437 36,829,847 345,138 37,174,985 40,282,120   20,249,155 380,173 20,629,328

* UBI Banca Group figures are only included as from the date of its consolidation into the Intesa Sanpaolo Group (last 5 months of 2020). 
** It includes medium/long term loans provided by the Third Sector network and by Banks in Italy. In 2021, the total of high social impact loans accounted for 26.6% of total loans disbursed by the Group (vs 42.5% in 2020). The trend of high social impact loans is mainly influenced by the disbursements relating to 2020 in favour of the category most hard hit by COVID-19, in response to the first phase of the pandemic, which were higher than in 2021. More specifically, in 2021 almost 14 billion euro in loans were granted by the Group as part of the “Liquidity Decree” (approximately 43 billion euro since the start of the health emergency).


  Intesa Sanpaolo Group (excluding UBI Banca Group) ISP+UBI Intesa Sanpaolo Group (including UBI Banca Group)
Third Sector Network
2018 2019 2020 2020 2021
Customers [No.]
64,664 65,787 88,039 112,778 102,023
Customers with loans [No.]
11,394 11,993 14,642 18,017 16,781
Loans [K euro]
1,899,200 2,098,952 2,299,908 3,000,699 2,801,640
Direct funding [K euro]
3,687,631 4,108,541 5,502,362 6,748,773 6,916,666
Indirect funding [K euro]
1,611,907 1,707,867 1,822,228 3,106,736 2,127,330
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2021:
Quality of service and customer satisfaction
Innovation, digital transformation and cybersecurity
Financial inclusion and supporting production
Sustainable investments and insurance
Customer indicators - pdf
Customer indicators - excel
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2021:
Customers indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2020:  

Customer indicators - pdf

Customer indicators - excel
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