2021 Consolidated Non-financial Statement interactive

Intesa Sanpaolo's Skyscraper

To enhance the contents of the 2021 Consolidated Non-financial Statement (CNFS) and increase knowledge of it by a wider audience, this year a new version of the interactive CNFS was developed within the Sustainability section of the Intesa Sanpaolo institutional website. 

At the opening, Elena Flor, Head of ESG & Sustainability, describes the Group's main sustainability projects and results in a video.

The navigation continues with the representation of the interactive materiality matrix, through which it is possible to deepen the relevant issues for the stakeholders and for the impact on the bank's strategies. The pages are enriched with links to some sections of the Group site, useful internet sites, and thematic boxes, to offer a broader and more in-depth view of the topics covered.

At the end, the video on the bank's commitment to achieve the SDGs, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.