Rules, policies and certifications

Policies are key documents in the path of sustainability that Intesa Sanpaolo has decided to undertake. Starting from the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics, they establish rules to ensure transparency and professionalism in the relationship with stakeholders and identify the responsible functions for the different activities.

All the policies have been drawn up with particular attention to the inclusion of blind and visually impaired persons, following the rules of accessibility certified by LIA Foundation (Italian accessible books).

Sustainability information in the financial services sector
Sustainability risk integration policies and adverse effects
The document illustrates Intesa Sanpaolo's policy with regard to Sustainability Factors in the context of investment or insurance consultancy.
Human Rights
Principles on Human Rights The principles define the Group's commitment to human rights in the relationship with all internal and external subjects and explain the main areas of responsibility towards each stakeholder.
Rules on diversity for sexual orientation and identity The rules define the Intesa Sanpaolo commitment concerning diversity for sexual orientation and identity, extending to unions between persons of the same gender the benefits provided by the company regulations or equivalent ones.
Business sectors
Guidelines for the governance of environmental social and governance risks regarding lending operations Specific Guidelines for the governance of ESG risks regarding lending operations define the general criteria aimed at excluding the financing of companies with particularly relevant environmental, social and governance risks. 
Rules for lending operations in the coal sector The rules define the limitations and exclusion criteria for the Group's credit operations in the coal sector. The policy applies to lending operations provided by the Group, in all the countries where it operates, in the sectors of thermal coal mining and Coal Fired Power Plants (CFPPs).
Rules on the granting of credit and transactions in the armament sector Italy The rules specify the operating procedures for the Italian perimeter and foreign branches to manage the delivery of financial services to companies involved in the production and trade of weapons and identify some particularly controversial areas from which the Intesa Sanpaolo Group intends to abstain.
Rules on transactions in the armament sector International Foreign Subsidiaries The rules exclude international foreign subsidy transactions related to the production and sale of armaments except in special cases.
Policy concerning the financing of political parties The policy applies to all the foreign subsidiaries in the Group and aligns, with the existing Parent Company regulations, the management with and the granting of loans to political parties and entities (physical and juridical) connected thereto. It reiterates the ban on disbursements through charity and sponsorship, established in Italy by Legal Decree n. 231.
Rules for the environmental and energy policy The rules outline the approach of Intesa Sanpaolo in preventing, managing and, where possible, reducing the environmental impacts (including those related to energy consumption) generated.
Rules for the setting up of sustainable branches The rules define the minimum criteria to be pursued in the setting up of new branches or renovation of existing ones.
Rules for the purchase of office machines The rules underline the commitment to assess the environmental impact of office equipment in the process of choosing and buying them, taking into account not only all the legal requirements and applicable compliance requirements in the field, but using specific environmental criteria to enable an accurate and measurable assessment.
Rules for the purchase and use of paper and derivative materials The rules apply to departments responsible for purchasing and managing paper and derivative materials for all the Bank’s and the Group's internal and external uses.
Rules governing the organization of communication events and training courses The document sets out the criteria and rules for improving the environmental sustainability of internal and external communications events, training courses and other associated events.
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