The new 2022-2025 Business Plan the Plan confirms and envisages strong and sustainable value creation and distribution, solid capital position and a significant ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) commitment.

With reference to ESG issues, Intesa Sanpaolo intends to further strengthen its role as a leading bank. It envisages doing this by committing funds in 2022-2025 for around €115 billion to society and the green transition and around €500 million in support of people in need, as well as working towards achieving a net-zero emission target, in terms of own emissions by 2030 and in terms of loan and investment portfolios, asset management and insurance by 2050, and, in addition, protecting and restoring natural capital with more than 100 million trees planted over the four-year Plan horizon, directly as a Group or with dedicated financing for its clients, and the adoption of a specific policy on biodiversity.

At Intesa Sanpaolo, we believe that it is only possible to grow and prosper by making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. That is why the new Plan further strengthens our ESG commitment.

Carlo Messina, CEO

Households and businesses

Medium/long-term new lending to the real economy of €328 billion, of which €285 billion in Italy.

Supporting clients in ESG/climate transition, making available cumulative flows of new lending equal to €88 billion.

Strong focus on financial inclusion, through €25 billion cumulative social lending in 2022-2025.

Promoting innovation pursuing a new frontier, including through Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, through the launch of around 800 projects in 2022-2025 (up around 70% on 2018-2021).

New frontier in sustainable investments and protection, with a growth for Eurizon in assets under management invested in ESG products to €156 billion in 2025 from €110 billion in 2021, increasing their weight on total assets under management to 60% from 46% and the number of new ESG funds on total new funds to 70% from 58%.


Unparalleled support to address social needs, with a total contribution, through investments and donations, of around €500m:

  • supporting people in need, through the expansion of the food and shelter programme for people in need carrying on around 50 million interventions in 2022-2025 (including meals, beds, medicines and clothes);
  • fostering youth education and employability:
    • launch of employability programmes for over 3,000 young people (e.g. “Giovani e Lavoro” and Generation4Universities) and involvement of more than 4,000 schools and universities in inclusive education programmes (e.g. WeBecome project);
    • promoting 3,000-4,000 social housing units for youth (e.g. students, young workers) in Italy in 2022-2025; 
  • assisting senior population: 
    • creating around 30 senior community hubs to provide, at a local level, social and leisure activities and dedicated health and social assistance services
    • promoting 3,000-4,000 social housing units for seniors (e.g. seniors with low income, living alone) in Italy in 2022-2025
  • continuous commitment to culture: 
    • two new museums of Gallerie d’Italia in Turin and Naples and expansion of exhibition spaces in Milan and Vicenza, more than doubling exhibition spaces of Gallerie d’Italia - one of the most important corporate art collections in the world - to 30,000 square metres in 2025 from 14,200 square metres in 2021.

Purchases and investments of €17 billion.

Public sector

Taxes (direct and indirect) of €15 billion.