Community and culture

Monetary contribution to the community

As part of the strong commitment to ESG, the Group provides its support to meet the needs of the community, contributing to the fulfilment of the primary needs of people in hardship plus assistance to the elderly.


Monetary contribution by method

Investments in the community
Commercial initiatives that contribute to social causes
Non-recurring charitable gifts*

(*) Charitable gifts of an occasional nature and for small amounts, including match giving initiatives

The Charity Allowance

Parent Company donations are managed through the Charity Allowance and social and cultural donations. In the 2021-2022 Guidelines, the privileged Area of intervention continues to be the Social Area, that receive the 89% of donations.

2022 Results

€15.7 m disbursed

90% in Italy

750 projects of non-profit organisations given support
~865,000 direct beneficiaries

net of research projects

99% of resources in favour of the most vulnerable sections of the population

>70% target amply exceeded

There were three main areas of intervention, which were allocated 5.4 million euro (34% of the total amount disbursed):

  • psychological support for COVID-19 patients and those more significantly struck by the pandemic
  • training and job placement initiatives for vulnerable individuals, with particular attention to the new classes of poverty
  • support for adolescents and young people in vulnerabile situation (a total of ~67,000 adolescent boys and girls and young people between the ages of 11 and 30 were given support)

Insights, events and projects for sustainability