Innovation and cybersecurity

Support to innovation and startups

Support for companies and start-ups embraces the development of their innovation processes, also through the promotion and support to business transformation and multidisciplinary research projects, key strategic levers for competitiveness in a constantly evolving market.


2022-2025 Targets and 2022 results

~800 projects innovation projects
€100 m investment by Neva SGR in startup
201 innovation projects

launched in 2022 

€54 m invested by Neva SGR in start-ups

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center is the Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s company dedicated to frontier innovation. It explores future scenarios and trends, develops multidisciplinary applied research projects, supports start-ups, accelerates the business transformation of companies according to the criteria of open innovation and the circular economy, promotes the development of innovative ecosystems and spreads the culture of innovation, to make the Intesa Sanpaolo Group the driving force of a more aware, inclusive and sustainable economy. 


Exploration of future scenarios and trends and development of multidisciplinary applied research projects in cooperation with research centres and universities.


2022 Results

14 applied research projects

ongoing multidisciplinary research projects in artificial intelligence, robotics and neuroscience

11 scientific publications
26 seminars


Pathways managed directly or in partnership, also enhancing the support of the subsidiary Neva SGR.

2022 Results

800 start-ups analysed
102 start-ups accelerated

of which 40 with the Up2Stairs programme 

3 award-winning projects

for a total of €500,000 with in Action ESG Climate


Initiatives for the growth of startups and the development of innovation ecosystems are currently underway in four cities (Turin, Florence, Naples, Venice):

  • 35 accelerated start-ups in Turin since the launch of “Torino Cities of the Future Accelerator” in 2019
  • 6 accelerated start-ups in Florence since the launch of the three-year programme “Italian Lifestyle Accelerator Program” in 2021
  • 8 accelerated start-ups in Naples with the three-year acceleration programme “Terra Next” dedicated to Bioeconomy and launched in 2022, with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Cariplo Factory and local corporate and scientific partners and with the patronage of the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Safety.
  • Launched the new three-year programme “Argo” (Hospitality and Tourism), developed by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, LVenture and in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Tourism to accelerate 10 start-ups in the hospitality and tourism sector each year in Venice.

Open innovation

Offering non-financial and advisory services, proposing transformative paths to clients on innovation and circular economy issues. 25 companies are involved by the end of 2022.

Spreading the culture of innovation

Dissemination of knowledge and culture of innovation both through the new Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center website and through seminars and positioning and match making events to match innovation supply and demand.

2022 Results

32 events

positioning and match-making events for matching innovation supply and demand with 2,200 participants

15 published reports

on technologies and innovation trends

Insights, events and projects for sustainability