Ukraine: Intesa Sanpaolo donates €10 million

The image accompanying the News on the donation of 10 million in favor of Ukraine shows in the foreground the sad face of a little girl with brown hair and Eurasian features.

Intesa Sanpaolo donates €10 million to support local and international organizations assisting the people of Ukraine.

Commenting on the Group’s donation and other initiatives to support Ukraine and the employees of Pravex Bank, Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo, said

“Intesa Sanpaolo has always been rooted in its communities, among the people of the territories in which it operates. As a leading European banking group and the only Italian bank present in Ukraine, we intend to give a concrete sign of closeness to the Ukrainian people affected by this serious humanitarian emergency. 

“This initiative builds on those already in place to help our people in our Ukrainian subsidiary Pravex, colleagues who have never stopped supporting the country, opening branches and ensuring banking services under severe circumstances. We remain close to them and their families, and we thank them once again. I also want to thank our people in our subsidiaries in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova for what they are doing to welcome and support our Ukrainian colleagues.

“The decision adopted together with the Chairman Gian Maria Gros-Pietro aims to provide €10 million to support solidarity and hospitality projects for those affected by this crisis. The increasingly severe humanitarian emergency makes this an urgent initiative, to provide concrete and immediate help now as well as for future developments.

“Along side this, we are preparing a fundraising campaign through our non-profit crowdfunding platform For Funding aimed at combining our additional support with the funds that we are able to mobilize to support the people in need”.