Ukrainian colleagues from Pravex Bank welcomed to Bergamo

The image accompanying the News on the reception in Bergamo of 180 people including Pravex Bank employees and their families forced to leave Ukraine due to the war, portrays the close-up of a young woman with big brown eyes holding a small child. In the background, the colored walls of an area dedicated to women and children.

Intesa Sanpaolo welcomes to Bergamo a group of 180 Pravex Bank employees and their families – mostly from Eastern Ukraine and the capital Kyiv – forced to leave their country because of the war. Pravex Bank is Intesa Sanpaolo’s wholly-owned subsidiary bank in Ukraine. 

The Pravex Bank employees who have accepted the invitation to come to Italy will be hosted in apartments owned by the Group and in other residential facilities in Bergamo. 

The first group of some 60 people who have already arrived in Bergamo via Bratislava (Slovakia) will be greeted by Paola Angeletti – the Group's Chief Operating Officer – and Marco Elio Rottigni – Head of Intesa Sanpaolo's International Subsidiary Banks Division. 

In addition to housing, Intesa Sanpaolo will also help the Pravex employees cover primary services and basic economic needs, for example by paying an additional month's salary and an advance of three months' salary to support them at this difficult time. In addition, the Intesa Sanpaolo Foundation will provide for the urgent needs of employees forced to leave Ukraine, in particular for families with minor children. 

Of Pravex Bank’s 780 employees, about one hundred have already left Ukraine with their families and found accommodations in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, thanks to the colleagues of the International Subsidiary Banks Division. 

The hospitality for Ukrainian colleagues follows the €10 million donation that Intesa Sanpaolo made to support solidarity and hospitality measures by UNHCR and Caritas Italiana for Ukrainians affected by the humanitarian emergency.