Ukraine: Intesa Sanpaolo continues support to Pravex’s people and customers

Image depicting the new Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper in Turin designed by Renzo Piano and LEED Platinum certified for sustainability

Intesa Sanpaolo, through its subsidiary Pravex Bank, is the only Italian bank present in Ukraine where it is also the main Italian investor.

Commenting the recent developments of the situation in Ukraine and its impact on the Group’s Ukrainian subsidiary Pravex Bank, Marco Elio Rottigni, Chief of Intesa Sanpaolo's International Subsidiary Banks Division, said:

“We are deeply concerned about the safety and wellbeing of the Ukrainian people. Our first thoughts go to our colleagues at Pravex Bank, most of whom currently remain in Ukraine; to the extent possible, we remain in constant contact with them. I also want to thank Pravex CEO Stefano Burani and our two other Italian colleagues, who remain committed to Pravex and continue to provide leadership even after we requested that they return to Italy. In a heartwarming display of solidarity, our people in our subsidiaries in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova are doing all they can to host and support any colleagues - together with their families - wishing to leave the country. Of course we are also determined to support our Pravex clients and the broader Ukrainian public as much as we can. Wherever it is safe to do so, we are opening our Pravex branches to provide essential banking services. Each day, we are able to safely open a part of our branches, primarily in the western part of Ukraine, where many of those fleeing the fighting now find themselves. Likewise, our subsidiary banks in the countries that border Ukraine are raising donations to help the people arriving in their countries, also ensuring that ATMs and foreign exchange services are ready to manage the large influx of people. Historically, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group has always had a strong social vocation, whether in Ukraine, the CEE region or at home in Italy. This was especially true throughout the pandemic or when natural disasters struck. So it is only natural that as a Group, we will continue to do all we can to assist our people and broader society during this crisis.”

Through the International Subsidiary Banks Division, Intesa Sanpaolo is also present in Hungary (CIB Bank), Moldova (EXIMBANK), Romania (Intesa Sanpaolo Bank) and Slovakia (VUB Banka), countries that border Ukraine to the West.