"Women Value Company": an award dedicated to the talent of women in SMEs

The image accompanying the News on the Women Value Company Award created together with the Marisa Bellisario Foundation for the promotion of gender equality and the enhancement of female talent in SMEs, portrays two women side by side, one in a white shirt and the other black, who they look together, concentrated and smiling, at the screen of a PC, inside an office with a modern design

The sixth edition of the “Women Value Company – Intesa Sanpaolo” award, created with the Marisa Bellisario Foundation and dedicated to SMEs that stand out for innovative, inclusive development policies, the promotion of female talent and merit and the development of effective corporate welfare solutions, was won by the firms MULTI and Masseria San Domenico: the winners were chosen from a shortlist of 100 finalists, selected from 800 all over Italy who proposed their candidacy.

At the event celebrating the Women Value Company Award, Intesa Sanpaolo also announced the availability of €500 million in credit dedicated to supporting and promoting female entrepreneurship, to maximise the contribution of women to the country’s economic and social development.

In a new development for the 2022 edition of the Women Value Company Award, in keeping with the goals of the NRRP, two special mentions went out to businesses owned by women that have invested in innovation and new businesses formed or primarily run by women, Rold and Nanomnia.

Also presented on the occasion was the analysis “The challenges of the economic scenario: innovation and human capital” prepared by Intesa Sanpaolo’s Research Department.

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