D&I: Intesa Sanpaolo in the top ten of the Diversity Brand Index

The image that accompanies the News on the inclusion of Intesa Sanpaolo in the Top 10 of the Diversity Brand Index, portrays a team of young women sitting around an office table, discussing ideas and smiling.

Intesa Sanpaolo has entered the top ten of the Diversity Brand Index, the only Italian study that measures the level of inclusion of brands from a customer-based perspective, verifying companies' true commitment to D&I.

Intesa Sanpaolo was named one of the ten brands that have contributed most to creating the conditions for the broader spread of a culture of inclusion in the context where they operate.

The Diversity Brand Index (DBI), devised by Fondazione Diversity and Focus Management, is constructed by combining the results of a survey of consumer and market perceptions with the assessments conducted by an international, multi-university Scientific Committee.

Intesa Sanpaolo's inclusion in the top ten of the Diversity Brand Index is also thanks to YEP: the Young Women Empowerment Programme, an initiative for the development of female talent to which the bank has been a main partner since its first edition.

Developed in collaboration with Ortygia Business School, YEP promotes inclusion and gender equality among female students in Southern Italy, offering opportunities for development and growth to female students enrolled in master's degree courses in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and economics disciplines.

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