Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile confirmed as best banking app in EMEA

The image accompanying the News on the Forrester Research report in which the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App is confirmed as "Overall Leader" among the banking Apps in the EMEA Area, portrays a smiling young woman, with long wavy hair, in the act of consult your smartphone in an open space, leaning against a lamppost

For the second year in a row, the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App has been named “Overall Leader” amongst ten evaluated EMEA banking Apps, with the highest scores in mobile functionalities and user experience, according to “The Forrester Digital Experience Review™: EMEA Mobile Banking Apps, Q3 2023” report.

The report by Forrester Research not only acknowledges Intesa Sanpaolo’s App as the leader, but also states it gets closer to a super-app with best practices in the following categories:

  • Account management:  offers a comprehensive and clear overview of past and upcoming transactions and shows extensive transaction details such as location and carbon footprint
  • Money management: automatically and accurately categorize transactions and offer a comprehensive spending analysis with personalized insights and predicted balance
  • Search: Intesa's appwide search brings relevant results grouped by category (e.g., actions, archive, movements) and is easy to access throughout the experience
  • Content: Intesa's accessibility mode improves content readability
  • Error avoidance and recovery: the apps provide quick access in their main menus to contact the bank and detailed error messages to help users fix problems

Moreover, Forrester also noted characteristics of the App such as useful functions for everyday life, estimate of CO2 emissions linked to the transactions, inclusiveness of the design and easy access to the search engine.

Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App is used by more than 8 million customers, with 1.8 billion log-ins every year and 168,000,000 transactions, supporting the purchases of products and services concluded on the Bank’s digital channels, which today account for almost 40% of total sales made by the Banca dei Territori retail division.

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