Support for the project "Labour inclusion for Ukrainian refugees in Poland"

The image accompanying the News on Intesa Sanpaolo's support for AVSI's "Labour inclusion for Ukrainian refugees in Poland" project which, with its partner AVSI Polska, trained and permanently inserted 150 Ukrainian women into the Polish labor market, portrays a woman refugee sitting on a chair while hugging a little girl close to her

Intesa Sanpaolo supported "Labour inclusion for Ukrainian refugees in Poland", a project by AVSI and AVSI Polska aimed at the integration, training and empowerment of female Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

AVSI was one of the non-profit organisations that benefited from the donation of €10 million made by Intesa Sanapolo for the Ukraine emergency.

Thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo's support, AVSI and AVSI Polska were able to provide a concrete response to the needs of Ukrainian women with children who had fled to Poland to work in order to support themselves and integrate into their new country, matching the needs of the Polish job market with the skills and training of the refugees.

"Labour inclusion for Ukrainian refugees in Poland" is an innovative project involving:

  • language training
  • soft skills courses
  • technical training
  • psychological and legal assistance
  • job placement
  • economic aid through vouchers for the most vulnerable families
  • placement and support for 50 Ukrainian children in pre-schools and kindergartens.

Twenty-five local companies operating in different sectors were involved in the project: from mechanical engineering to electronics, logistics, financial and insurance services, consulting and education.

Intesa Sanpaolo took action immediately at the outbreak of the conflict to support the Ukrainian population on the ground and in Italy, as well as the employees of Pravex Bank.

Photo credits: AVSI Poland / Valerio Muscella